Madden NFL Hands-On

Though John Cheap Madden Mobile Coins isn't playing as big an undertaking in Madden NFL  for your Xbox 360 as he does on current console versions from the  action, wage advance notice much the very first time you boot up the experience. That's because you may be spending too much time being  wowed with the next-generation graphics and brand-new presentation tweaks which can certainly make Madden  look, a minimum of about the surface,  like an immensely different game. But what steps do those differences translate after you will definately get under the hood a lttle bit?

 That's the question there were at heart during our most up-to-date hands-by the due date with Madden NFL , playing on our brand-new Xbox 360 test  units.  Some inside new ideas in Madden  we've revealed before, including the numerous options for organizing your team  playbooks (by formation, star player, coach's suggestion, or ever-familiar "Ask Madden" option, an example is). You also know how the  experience has squeeze QB-vision feature--an illuminated cone that indicates the quarterback's field of vision--about the back burner,  as they assert.
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